Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Missin' Out on Campin' Out

This week is our Junior Week. I particularly love junior week, because it is the week that the little munchkins from Windsor Hills come out. This week is particularly special because for the first time kiddos that I have had in the 2 year old Sunday School class (which I have worked in since my freshman year in college) start camp.

There is nothing like watching little 1st and 2nd graders experiencing camp for the first time. When they are so new and fresh, they jump into everything with 100%. They are not encumbered with things like peer pressure and worldliness. They are so open to everything Bro. Crumpton (our AMAZING speaker this week) has to say and they just SOAK UP all the preaching and teaching.

So why I am I missin' out? I have had this slightly "ugly" cough since sometime Friday night. I have taken Robitussin and Mucinex and it just hasn't gotten any better. Today, six days later, I finally went to the doctor. After listening to me cough away just trying to take a deep breath, he sent me for chest X-rays. {X-Rays!?!?! I have NEVER had X-Rays before! Yikes!!} I am slowly developing PNEUMONIA in my right lung. The verdict - some pretty strong antibiotics and basically house arrest.

Well...not quite.

Monday night I went down to supper just to try to see the kids. No hugs...sad. But I got to sit across the table from Lydia who is five years old. She has been coming to camp since she was about 2. She was such a shy little girl back then. She wouldn't even make eye contact. Monday night, she raced up to my table and said, "Miss Holli, I got saved! I got saved on March 15!" It was soooo exciting!

Tonight, I got to go down again! Michelle, who is a missionary's daughter attending camp for the first time, came and told me what GREAT time she is having at camp. She was just radiating that childhood JOY that comes from experiencing things with so much innocence!

I also got to talk to Josh, also a first-timer. His oldest brother is on our camp staff. Josh has said TWENTY-FOUR verses! He is so excited!! The little guy sat there eating his mac-and-cheese, talking to his good buddy, Jason, and studying another verse - all at the same time!

From the little time I have got to spend with the few of them, I can honestly say that this week has already been a HUGE blessing! Even though I am tempted to complain that I am missing everything, I can already see a way God is using it to help me. Only having these short interactions, I only get to hear the kids tell me about the great things that are happening. You see, a lot of times during junior week, as much as I love the little ones, I get frustrated with them, and I forget to see them for the blessings that they are. I fail to remember that I can learn just as much from them during this week as they can learn from me. This week, they are not learning from me - I am not there. But I am DEFINITELY learning from them!! It's like God is giving me short little windows to get something from a child...and I am so thankful!

I will try to get some pictures up later, and probably a real look at what is going on down there from the other girls on camp staff.

Thanks for reading!

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