Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Home Stretch

When it comes down to the last days of the semester, things get crazy. Proejcts and finals and can get a little overwhelming.

The last day of school for me is just a little over two weeks away. That means I have a little over two weeks to finish a final 25 hours of observations, write reflections/finalize journals for three other practicums, complete a photo portfolio for an ecology class, and study for a government final (this is my only final...but it's a doozy).

Yes, I am a little overwhelmed, but for the most part, I am super excited! This puts me just that much closer to finishing school completely! Yay!!! In August, I will begin my student teaching. I will have two different locations. I got to request where, but only one of those locations has been I'm keeping it a secret until I know for sure! (Sort of, some people already know.)

In other news...
Camp is just around the corner. Our first week of camp is June 6-10. It's a teen week and Bro. Rick Dawson is the speaker. Our theme this year is "Count the Cost - John 3:16".

Can't wait for it to get started!!

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