Saturday, May 21, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, I tried to make some minor design changes to my blog. Something went terribly wrong. This amateur should never mess with the HTML code. I got so frustrated with it, I shut it down (or so I thought) and decided to just let it be for awhile.

Apparently, I didn't shut it down as well as I thought I did, and that resulted in a lovely post from my brother. What did we learn? That Josh can't spell "amazing." As revenge, I bring you this lovely picture of the hacker:

Special thanks to Anna Hogan.
I "borrowed/stole" this picture from her.

Anyways...tonight, or rather last night since it is now after midnight, I decided to try again. I've been working on it for about 5 hours and I finally think I got it situated again.

Camp is in just two weeks. Tomorrow, Dad, Bro. Robert Cartmell, and Bro. Dale Birchett will be putting in new pool liners. We've had the same liners since we got the pools 10 years ago. They were way over their life expectancy. I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow.

The guy staff members will be out Sunday night after church to start their work weeks. The girls will be out the week after. Camp starts two weeks from Monday. Anticipation is building! We're kicking off the summer with Bro. Rick Dawson. What an awesome way to start the season!

I will do my absolute best (it hasn't been that great thus far) to stay updated each week on what is going on at the camp. I am not traveling out of the country, planning on getting pneumonia, or anticipating any car accidents that might keep me from being responsible and updating. {fingers crossed}

See you all soon!

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