Friday, June 3, 2011

Hard Work = Getting Dirty

Dad and the guys finally got all the tile laid.

After that, they applied the grout (not sure if that is the right terminology, but oh well).
After the grout is done, you have to scrub the tile to make sure that the black grout doesn't stain the gray tile. So, yesterday, the girls were called into action.

Mom, Lindsay L, and Vanessa headed down first to do the first scrubbing.
Mom~she got tired of waiting on my camera.

Lindsay L.


After Elisabeth, Tabitha, Lindsey H, and I finished shredding 25 pounds of potatoes, we headed down to do the second scrubbing.


Lyndsey H.



It was a dirty job. If you don't believe me, take a look at Vanessa.

Our fingernails are stained black from the scrubbing. Lyndsey H said she likes the black. It makes her feel like she really worked hard and accomplished something good. Hard work = Getting Dirty!

This morning, we went back to mop it. Sorry the pictures aren't great. I was using a phone and couldn't get it to focus correctly.

It will have to be scrubbed one more time, but we have all of the refrigerators and machines back inside. I didn't get any final pictures because I left my camera at the house, but trust me, it looks great!

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