Friday, September 23, 2011

Having Fun!

This is a mini update of sorts on my student teaching experience. 

First off...someone got bit by a snake.  Don't worry!!!  It wasn't one of the kiddos.  We were having a presentation and the animal handler got bitten by her own snake. It all happened really quickly.  Needless to say, that organization probably will not be coming back to The Children's Center anymore.  That's the most interesting thing that has happened so far.  I have also been able to go on two outings.  One to the Oklahoma Science Museum, the other to see Thomas the Train at the Oklahoma Railway Museum.

Second...(this could take a while, but hopefully not)...
There are several people whom I go to church with, that also work at The Children's Center.  I see 3 or 4 people everyday who I know very well and see regularly at church.  As I was walking down the hallway during transport the other day, I passed one of the ladies in the hall.  I said hello, and she said, "I just want you to know that every time I see you these days you look like you're having so much fun.  You just seem happy." 

I don't know if she was implying that I didn't look like I was having fun or happy before, but I have really been thinking about what she said.  When I found out I would be student teaching at The Children's Center, I was excited, nervous, anxious, scared, etc.  Basically I felt the whole range of emotions that one can feel when getting ready to experience something completely new.  The first few days were overwhelming.  Like I said in the earlier post, there is so much to learn and take in.  Even after three weeks, I am still making lots of mistakes.  I get confused and lose a lot of self-confidence.  I finally realized that, no matter how many mistakes I make, how many times I forget some procedure, how many times I feel like I will NEVER get it, she was absolutely right.  Whether or not she thought I was happy before, I am really happy at The Children's Center.  I am having a blast.  Definitely loving every minute of it. 

Seriously, though, how can you NOT love a kid like this?...

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  1. I am happy you are happy. You deserve it! Those kiddos are so blessed to have you a the Children's Center. I heart Fletcher!!! Miss you.


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