Monday, February 13, 2012

Better late...

As the saying goes, it's better late than never.

On December 16, I graduated from college...again. 

OBU's Chapel

 At OBU's Commencements, the faculty members lead the graduates across campus to the chapel. 

These are two of my favorite professors.  Dr. Crane (on the left) was my adviser.  Dr. James taught a couple of classes.  They co-taught our student teaching classes.     

 When we get to the sidewalk leading up to the chapel stairs, the faulty line the sidewalks and we kind of have a final good bye.  There are lots of hugs.  It's kind of emotional.  (This picture isn't from my graduation.  There wasn't a good one, so I borrowed one from last year.)

 Receiving my "Certificate of Participation in Commencement"
We don't get the real thing until later.  But this one comes in a fancy case so it's all good.

Papa Grouch (That's my mom's dad.  He loves his nickname.) says that I only invite him to Oklahoma when I'm graduating for something.  He told me in December that I am not allowed to graduate anymore because he is tired of coming to Oklahoma.  I think I'll get my masters just to spite him.

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