Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Call Me Doubting Thomas...Part 2

On Thursday of that same week, I got a phone call from another school in that same district, an elementary school.  My mom knew the principal.  I didn't call him back.  I had a the middle school...that I didn't want.  On Friday, I got a phone call from another district around the Metro.  This one closer to Edmond (Oooohhh...upscale Edmond...almost Edmond.  Deer's upscale, too.).  I took that call, and told the lady I wasn't interested.  I had a job in Putnam City.  (That I didn't want.)  

Why were all these schools calling now?  I had applied weeks ago, and heard nothing from them.  I was pretty frustrated with them for calling and giving me options now, after I had decided that I was taking the middle school job that I didn't really want.  {Mumble, mumble, complain, grumble, gripe}

I tried to contact my new principal again on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, I was getting ready to prepare lunch for the guy staff members that were out here working to get ready for camp to start.  As I was walking out the door, my phone rang.  I checked the number, ready to reject the call, and realized it was a local number.  There is not a single person out in this area that has my phone number.  It wasn't either of the numbers I had used to contact Mrs. Wolf before, so I knew it wasn't her or the high school.  Curiosity got the best of me and I answered it.  

I took the most interesting of phone calls then walked out to the then-not-completed-zip line to talk to my dad.  The conversation went something like this...

"Dad, I--"
"We are eating lunch at the house.  Sorry I couldn't answer the phone."
"Ok, but I need to tell you--"
"We're trying to get this all finished before lunch in case the wind picks up again."
"Ok, but Dad, will you listen.  I got a job interview."

Now, I should mention here that my dad was really not a fan of the job in the city.  He really wants us to move home.  So the conversation continued...

"Yeah, I know.  You got a job at Putnam City at that Middle School.  You're mother told me."
"Dad, I don't have to interview for that job.  It's mine.  I have a different interview."
Dad finally pauses...
"Oh.  Where at?"
"Kingfisher Heritage School."

Dad then acted a little crazy and may have danced a little jig.  He was obviously excited.

I went to an interview at Kingfisher Heritage with the new principal, Kathy Kadavy.  Turns out, special ed teachers weren't the only thing that was being shuffled around in the district.  Principals were too.  I had a great interview with Mrs. Kadavy.  She made me feel really at ease and we talked about a lot of things.  She gave me a tour of the school and told me that they still were not sure where the position was going to be, but now knew it was going to be in the High School or the Heritage.  She sent me to visit the superintendent.  That had to be good, right?  

Mr. Sternberger is the superintendent in Kingfisher.  He asked me some questions that had already been asked by the other three that I interviewed with.  He asked me if I had a preferred age group.  I decided to be honest and tell him that high school terrified me.  He laughed and said they would keep that in mind.  I decided to be even more honest and tell him that I had a job offer at another school.  You know, that middle school position that I didn't really want.  He promised I would get a call sometime the next week.  

We had a small gun training and safety/security camp out here that week.  I jumped to answer my phone every time it rang.  I didn't hear anything all week, and was getting worried again.  Obviously, my faith runs out quick.  Not something I'm particularly proud of.  

We were dropping off people at the church on Friday afternoon, my friend Mandy was telling one of the staff members about her impending deportation back to Canada and the resulting marriage to one of our guy staff members to avoid said event, and I was following Amy Vineyard down the hallway while I waited on my mom and Mandy.  My phone rang. It was another new number this time, still from around Kingfisher.  I answered it (while Amy watched).  

Mrs. Wolf was calling to tell me that I had a job.  IN KINGFISHER!!  The very place that I just knew wasn't going to ever have an opening because teachers stay until they die (sort of).  Not only that, but I got a job in a position that DEFINITELY was not going to be open.  A job that I really didn't interview for.  I am officially the new teacher for the Multiple Disabilities classroom at Kingfisher Heritage School!

Kingfisher Heritage School

I don't know why I got that position that was DEFINITELY not going to be available.  I don't know if that was just how the rearranging worked, or if it had something to do with my having student taught at The Children's Center.  I do know that once again God showed me that I had no reason to doubt.  I spent a week being miserable and discontent because I was blaming God for "making" me take a position I didn't want.  I do so need to learn to rest on His promises.  The biggest one being that He will work all things together for my good.  

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
~Romans 8:28~

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